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Portrait Party

What is a Portrait Party?
There are all kinds of home product parties. Now you have an opportunity to host a party that is really unique! Beautiful professional portraits you and your guests will enjoy for a lifetime. The Portrait Party is also a great way for a group of friends to get a tremendous discount on their their individual portraits.
Here's how it Works?
As the host or hostess of a “Home Portrait Party”, you invite friends and family members to your home for a special photo session. You choose the theme, from Headshot to Glamour, and I bring the studio setup to your home. Your guests pose in the “film star set” as they step up for their portrait. So, have your guests glam themselves up and party on.
Here's The Deal
There is a minimum Portrait Party session fee of $60 for 2 to 4 guests. Each additional guest, up to 8, add $15. Each guest will get about 20 minutes of “Star Time”. Everyone will get one 8X10 inch Print of their favorite pose. The host or hostess will get a CD with all the images. You can't beat that!

Models & Actors

Prints for Poses
I'm always looking to upgade my portfolio or experiment. If you need shots for your Model or Actor portfolio and have that special look I”ll consider trading Prints for Poses. It's free to you and I get to add to my portfolio. Please call and ask.


Ways to look your best in your portrait

 •Wear the right type of clothing for your shoot
 •Simple clothing usually looks best. Do not wear anything with a loud pattern.
 •Wear your hair in a style you're comfortable with
 •If you wear glasses, remove the lenses
 •Women, wear makeup that works
 •Men, make sure to get a close shave
 •Avoid over-exposure from the sun/tanning bed
 •Keep jewelry to a minimum
 •Get plenty of rest before your session
 •Relax and enjoy your portrait session

Family Portrait Tips

Classic clothing, like khaki and denim, is timeless. Coordinating solid color tops with jeans or khakis work well. They eye is drawn to bright areas in the photograph, so no one should wear white unless everyone is wearing white. Keep in mind, portraits are meant to last a lifetime. Don't pick a style that won't last past next month. Avoid patterns (plaids, stripes, prints), white, red, and "trendy" styles that will make your portrait look dated in a few years. Coordinate a complete look, head to toe, with each member of the group.
Men should have their hair cut about one week before the portrait session. Women should be photographed whenever they are happiest with their hair in relation to the time it is styled. This is not the time to experiment with a new hair style or extra makeup. Use makeup to cover blemishes if possible.
No Cheese
People show expression through their EYES, the window to the soul. "Cheesing" for the camera wrinkles faces and forces eyes closed. Let's see those beautiful baby blues!

The Model Portofolio

Tight head shot
 •Such as used in magazine covers or makeup ads. These photos are very closely cropped showing the face to the best advantage. They are meant to be very glamorous and the ones that have bare shoulders are often the most striking as there is little to compete with the face in the image.
Full length shots
 •This is to give the agency, ad directory and their clients an idea of your body type. So this pose should show your figure to best advantage. Look at ads for jeans to get an idea. This can be a jeans and tee shirt type of shot.
Formal wear
 •Dress to the nines with the best outfit you own or can borrow. Often in a portfolio you will see the formal wear juxtaposed with the girl next door jeans and tee shirt shot. These on facing pages can be quite a contrast.
 •Some good photos that can show your range. This is usually a mixed bag of photos of whatever you and the photographer can imagine. The idea is to look like several different people; the best models can do this very well. This somehow stops being important if you should ever become a "supermodel" as they get paid the really big money to look like who they really are.
Swimsuit Shot
 •If you have both the body and a skilled enough photographer you can produce a really good shot. If your body is really good, you can go for a bikini, but for the most part, a one piece maillot tends to help most body types. Specialty shots, such as lingerie.
 •The same rules apply as for the swimsuit shot. Generally lingerie models tend to run have a bust of 34 to 36, A or B, and tend to be slender. It is odd though a girl can go to the beach or pose in the tiniest of bikinis, but will not pose in the less revealing lingerie. Make certain that the lingerie fits properly.
 •We also see nothing wrong with including a tasteful nude.
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