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How It Works

The first step is the Free Pre Session Consultation. We discuss the type of images you want to achieve, the site(s), set the session fee and book a time. This may be either over the phone or at your location. We'll also go over clothing, makeup and site preparation so you'll have a clear understanding of what you need to do to prepare. I charge modest hourly rate and the consultation will allow me to estimate the package required to get the great shot(s) you desire.

Every Session Includes

 •Set-Up, Session Shoot, Digital Image Cleanup & Cropping.
 •Private Password protected WEB Gallery to Proof your shots (except where noted)
 •CDs of your new digital images upon payment.

The CDs will include both High Resolution image files for printing, The WEB Gallery and a Digital Slide Show. (Music Sound Track of Your Choice additional)

Typical Packages

Ready Portrait
This basic package would typically be used for Actors Headshots, Executive Portraits or for anyone who needs a professional photograph of themselves on file. A high key two light setup with backdrop is used. Black&White and Color image files are included.
 •$70.00 includes
 •45 Min Session/Setup
 •10-20 Images*
 •CD With Images
No WEB Gallery required if I bring a laptop to the session and do the Image Processing. You'll have your finished image files immediately.
The Family Group Portrait
The starting Family Group Portrait package is suitable for a group of 4 to 6 people (kids and pets are welcome). A two to three light setup and 3 to 4 group arrangements are covered.
 •Starting at $125.00 includes
 •90 Min Session/Setup
 •50-80 Images*
 •2 CDs With Images
Larger Groups or more arrangements require more time and processing. The exact charge can be set during the Consultation.
Photojournalistic Portrait
The Photojournalistic Portrait is a candid Outdoor or Indoor portrait that situates the subject in natural surroundings. Available light may be supplemented by minimal artifical lighting.
 •Starting at $75.00 includes
 •60 Min Session/Setup
 •60-80 Images*
 •Private Web Gallery
 •2 CDs With Images
This type of session is very good for documenting people engaged in some occupation or pastime.

Glamour Portrait
The Glamour Portrait is a challenge in painting with light. It could require one light or four. An in person consultation is suggested before the Glamour session so that we can begin to build the rapport that will make the shoot a real success.
 •Starting at $125.00 includes
 •90 Min Session/Setup
 •40-60 Images*
 •Private Web Gallery
 •2 CDs With Images
Additional clothing changes may require additional time. The exact charge can be set during the Consultation.
Pet Portrait
The Pet Portrait often pictures your friend in their favorite hangout or engaged in play. A ‘Formal’ treatment is possible if the pet has the right temperment. There will probably be some get acquainted time required.
 •Starting at $90.00 includes
 •60 Min Session/Setup
 •60-80 Images*
 •Private Web Gallery
 •2 CDs With Images
Equine or Livestock Sessions are considered as Event Sessions, albeit staged.
Event Coverage
The fee for Events is a flat hourly rate for the time spent at the event. It includes post shoot Image Cleanup, Cropping and Preparation of Media. Prints are additional.
 •$75.00 Per hour
 •30-40 Images Per Hour
 •Private Web Gallery
 •Required CDs With Images


Dazzling Custom Prints

For that Special Exibition My prints feature fine shadow detail, dazzling highlights, and accurate skintones. With an attention to detail you won’find and the average lab; I’ll personally craft exquisite prints that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

 •4"x6" $4  •5"x7" $7  •8"x10" $12  •11"x14" $24  •13"x19" $32

From The Processing Lab

Getting Prints from the CD The cost of prints is typically the hidden ‘gotcha’ in portrait pricing. I prefer to give you the opportunity to shop around and save. You’ll always get cropped and corrected image files that can be processed by any modern processing lab. The high resolution files will give great results that will be suitable for many uses. Prices for 4"x6" prints are less than $1 and 8"x10" less than $10. You can choose the prints you want and visit the lab yourself at your own pace or I’ll make the trip for you and have my preferred lab print your selections for $15 plus costs including shipping; prepaid.

Canvas Prints

Turn your Portrait into a true Object of Art The top of the line is the Print on Canvas. We use Fredrix Inkjet Canvas, a fine quality canvas for printing on large-format printers. What makes the canvas a good choice is the ink receptive clear coat that delivers enhanced color quality and a fine art appearance that can only be achieved on canvas. All Canvas Prints are stretched, mounted on a wooden frame and treated with a UV protectant.

•Call for Price Quote

Additional Information

Avoiding Problems

In order to avoid any hint of impropriety when shooting individual women in a private location I prefer to have a third person in attendance. In any case I reserve the right to record the session on video as a method of ensuring both myself and the model some degree of comfort. The model may request a DVD copy of the tape.

Photographing Children

For individual shots, models or clients less than 18 years of age must have both a signed parental consent form and a representative of the parent in attendance at the session.

Too Sexy For Your Shirt?

Glamour images are sometimes meant to be sexy and may possibly include some degree of undress. This is perfectly acceptable BUT I do reserve the right to set the boundaries. The Art Nude serves a completely different market; a model portofolio shot for instance. I'll never suggest any degree of nudity but you may ask and I may agree.

Under no circumstances will explicit images will be taken so please do not ask.

Model Scams

A legitimate professional modeling agency does not charge up front fees to represent their models. Modeling agencies earn a commission from their model's earnings. The agencies responsibility is to manage, market and represent employment for their models. A lot of scams are modeling school, convention or scouting organizations. Be careful and check them out before doing anything.

Amateur photographers (guys with cameras) can do more harm than good. Telling you that nude photos will boost your career in modeling or know people with playboy etc. Giving you poor quality and bad posed images that don't look professional. Don't be taken in.
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